Writing Ideas (sound studies)

23-02-27 21:12

230304 - Dancing about Architecture: Huerco S.'s Colonial Patterns - How can you make one piece of media that speaks to an event or other picee of media?

Two Hands: Hardware vs. Software, How You Can’t be Virtuosic with a mouse, human-drum machine interaction, Jeff mills handles a 909, but you can’t embody music with a mouse

Grooveboxes Make Tradeoffs and Tradeoffs (as constraints) are Compositional Tools: Comparing Fors, Nanoloop, and Drum Computer

Nanoloop: How the aesthetic constraints are actually part of the charm, how the iOS version is a brilliant piece of interface design but the lack of sonic constraint makes it fall flat. The brilliance of how the Nanoloop went from a game boy app across many paradigms

parameter locks and tracking:
How the an old model translates across a wide range of hardware and software designs

Drum Computer and Effective Macro Design: what is movement?

Conference Badges, E-Waste, and The Liminality of COmputing: How conference badges are too dumb to do anything smart, and how technology that aims to be smart is dumb